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Maria Almiron

Clinical Therapist

Maria Almiron

Maria Paula Almiron received her MSc. as a Clinical Psychologist in Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina, in 1994. She subsequently completed a three-year statement of equivalence training program in the UK through the British Psychological Society and obtained her license as an independent clinical and forensic psychologist in 2001. Maria holds an active registration as a clinical and forensic psychologist in the Health Care Professions Council (UK) and is currently working towards registration with College of Psychologists of Ontario under the supervision of Susan Chudzik-Sipos, MSc., Registered Clinical Psychologist.


At CBT Niagara, Maria provides psychological services to adolescents and adults seeking resolution to internal and/or external obstacles as well as to those seeking to self-actualize and thrive as humans. Her approaches to change borrow from the cognitive-behavioural perspective, psychodynamic insights, somatic awareness, and trauma-informed lenses. With a strong foundation in applied positive psychology, Maria has a commitment to helping people locate and channel their strengths to live in their best version.


Maria has a special interest in transpersonal psychology and the potential to overcome suffering that can be accessed in the non-ordinary states of consciousness. She keeps a close eye in the evidence that is emerging from clinical trials using mind-expanding medicines, their ethical applications and their legality status internationally and across Canada. Maria is a protocol adherence rater in the MAPS run trials of MDMA for the treatment of PTSD and a Therapsil trained Associate, a non-profit organization advocating for Health Canada-approved access to psilocybin assisted therapy for end-of-life distress.

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